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CM Steel, Inc. has been involved in some of the largest public works projects and most innovative designs in Southern California. Below are a sample of some of the projects we have designed, fabricated and/or installed.

Representative Large Projects 



  • Stainless Steel cladding on 38 escalators.
  • Multiple parts for the roadway overhang and wall panels.
  • Embeds, trim and large structural frames for the new Bradley terminal.

 Los Angeles Metro

  • Stainless Steel cladding for Gold Line Soto and Mariachi stations.


  • Steel sunshades multiple class rooms.


  • Aluminum sunshades.

RSA Building,  Mobile Alabama

  • 8 story facade
  • Roof torchers’
  • 13’ Stainless Steel accents

Port of Los Angeles

  • Aluminum guard rail at Disney terminal

Port of Long Beach

  • 3 two-floor galvanized stairs with handrails
  • 2 two-floor 316 Stainless Steel stairs with hand rails

BART Freemont Station

  • Stainless Steel cladding on 6 escalators soffits and ticket areas

Sage Hill School

  • Multiple curving and rising exterior handrails.
  • Three large mechanical roof mounted structural enclosures.

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